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BIOTIC-NET Tri-product pack

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Détails du produit

Probiotics are useful bacteria for humans and animals, thanks to incredible biotechnological development, they are now usable for safe cleaning products.

  • Like most conventional cleaning products, BIOTIC-NET products effectively remove visible dirt. But their action does not end there. Once the dirt is removed, the good bacteria continue to work and significantly reduce the activity of the harmful bacteria.
  • So besides the fact that these good bacteria are harmless to the environment, BIOTIC-NET probiotic cleaning products clean much more carefully and more effectively than other cleaning products

Main advantages

  1. BIOTIC-NET cleans better than conventional cleaning products
  2. BIOTIC-NET cleans more thoroughly, allowing the most efficient cleaning possible and the most complete disinfection possible, avoiding the paradox of disinfection
  3. BIOTIC-NET is less dangerous than conventional products!
  4. BIOTIC-NET is more respectful of the environment from the house to the wastewater treatment plant, via the pipes
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